We believe the most disruptive technology is world class customer service. Our mission is to be the most customer and employee oriented technology company.

Cloud - EagleDream Technologies builds custom cloud solutions based on the unique needs of each client – from ground-up builds for startups, to redesigning and re-architecting existing systems to be cloud-friendly. Learn More

Compliance - We will help you to reduce Sarbanes-Oxley overhead, offer audit and governance services, give you access management solutions that you can trust, and lead you in process improvement and enterprise risk management. Learn More

Development - EagleDream Technologies is equipped with the tools to design, develop and deploy world-class web and mobile applications. We offer strong capabilities in product architecture, UI/UX, content processing, back-end strategy, and integration. Learn More

Web Design - We design and engineer experiences that engage your customers across web, mobile and social platforms. These include marketing websites, e-commerce websites, email templates, content management systems, and web applications. Learn More

Security - Infrastructure is the backbone of an organization, providing stability for the customers, partners, and employees who use an enterprise’s applications. Identity and Access Management, Cyber Security Assessment and Engineering, Disaster Recovery. Learn More

Communications - The clear sharing of information between clients within your enterprise. Performing communication clearly for your benefit. Promoting properly to potential customers. Finding the niche groups to connect with. Learn More


Through our people, process, and technology, our clients depend on us to manage their IT needs. We are their strategic technology partner. As your experienced technology partner, EagleDream Technologies will be there to help.


We deliver significant benefits for our clients

We offer the best business solutions using innovative technology that empowers our clients and their team. We have worked successfully with clients such as Xerox, athenahealth, Velcro, Constellation Brands, and many others.

Our mission is to develop, structure, and manage solutions that help businesses get the most from their technology investments. We strive to be your technology partner.